Specialist in plastic injection molding

Insigne B.V. is a full service plastic injection molding company. We have been specialized in the development and injection molding of a range of plastic products for more than 55 years. Full service concerns proto-typing, engineering (injection molding and assembly), automation, mechanization, purchasing, production, assembly, printing, lacquering, packaging and distribution.

Why Insigne B.V.?

  • Innovative
  • Full Service
  • Modern machinepark
  • Cleanroom production

About us


Insigne B.V. is a full-service plastic injection molding company based in the Netherlands. Insigne B.V. has its own design and development department and tool shop.

How we work

In de praktijk

Within a dedicated project team all demands and wishes concerning the product concept are being set up. Next to digital design often the choice is made to create prototypes / 3d prints.



The product range that we produced is very varied. That is a conscious choice. Spreading both sales areas and turnover means spreading risks and it forces you to stay alert.

Trade shows

Trade show participation

For the coming time no trade show participation is planned.

“We offer a high quality standard with our full service in injection moulding”

Dhr. W. de Koning