The range of products that is being produced by Insigne is wide with a huge variation and such is deliberately chosen so! Spreading both sales areas and turnover means spreading risks and… it forces you to stay alert! Each market segment has its own specific knowledge and by serving several market segments Insigne is continuously forced to stay alert and ensure keeping its knowledge up to date.

Doing so, Insigne has developed several company owned product lines being child safety products, DIY products, products for Flower arrangements and house hold products. Next to that Insigne is also serving several different OEM market segments. Customers approach Insigne for assistance with designing, developing and supplying new products that need to comply with a specific program of demands. Usually such concerns technical components that are being applied in the customers products. Specific OEM market segments that Insigne is operating in are housings, food and medical related products, hinge parts, PVC & TPE parts and 2 Component parts.