Our History

In 1961 the N.V. Kunststoffenfabriek L’Insigne was founded. The very first injection moulding machine is still in posession of the company and kept as a museum piece. The start of Insigne was shaped by a spraying nozzle meant for water spraying in green houses. The name of the company, however, was related to the desire of its founder to start up the production of pins, Insigne in French, which was eventually realized as of mid 1963. Both products accounted for millions and millions of pieces. The pins came in a wide variety and were mainly sold in the 60-ies creating mulitple trends over and over; still people refer to Insigne as “the pin factory”.

The spraying nozzles were, practically unchanged, produced until mid 2010 and were the base of a complete program of pvc fittings for high pressure water tube systems.

After the pins many other trends followed, but the accompanying highs and lows in both the turnover and the capacity utilization made the owner of the company decide to aim for technical products.