How we work

Within a dedicated project team all demands and wishes concerning the product concept are being set up. Next to digital designing/engineering often the choice is made to create prototypes/ 3d prints. This offers the opportunity to make a quick start with the practical examination of the product concept. After the “GO” the tools are being produced, all controlled and conducted by the same project team and usually at our own tool factory in China. For the application of very specific skills other partners are added to the project team, but the span of control will always be Insigne and, as such, the customer will always communicate with the project team only in an open, clear and direct way. Only after the approval of the customer of the test mouldings and/or 0-series the tools are released for serial production. If needed, all applicable assembly and completion techniques can be added to the finalization of the products; such still under the same roof and under guidance and control of the project team. From idea to realization, that is where we stand for!

A perfect practical example of such a project has recently been realized by Insigne. To realize a 2K product a production unit was realized by lining up 2 injection moulding machines with 2 portal robots in between. 1 injection moulding machine produces the hard inner shell and its robot places them into a storage station after which the robot of the 2nd injection moulding picks them up and places them into the overmoulding mould in the 2nd injection moulding machine. After completing the production cyclus the final product is a corner cushion for tables and is worldwide supplied on an exclusive basis to IKEA. This particular way of manufacturing 2K products is being applied more and more to realize hard-soft or 2 colour combination parts. Insigne has several production units at its disposal to realize such kind of 2K or insert moulded products, both in Holland and in China, via Insigne Far East.