About us

Insigne B.V. is a full service plastics injection moulding company with its own design & development department and tool shop. Your product idea and its desired characteristics gets transformed by the design & development department into a 3D product concept and material advice.

Founded in 1961 Insigne B.V. offers over 55 years of dedicated knowledge and experience in plastics. Co-creating and future oriented are key values in the process of realizing products/projects. Just like the use of prototypes prior to tool realization will allow quick verification of the practical capabilities of the product/project.

With an extensive range of injection moulding machines (25 – 550 tons of clamping force, suitable for 0,5 grams up to 5000 grams), combined with 24 hours production in 3 shifts, 5 days a week, there is practically no volume Insigne B.V. cannot realize. On top of that Insigne B.V. operates its own clean room production unit, 2K moulding capabilities and wide experience in processing PVC (hard & soft). And if you want your products to be assembled as well? No problem, such can be realized as well!