INSIGNE expands machinepark with 750-tonner.

Recently Insigne has two new injection molding machines in use with a clamping force of 120 tonnes and 750 tonnes. Both machines are of Haitian brand, the largest manufacturer of injection molding machines in the world, and fit in well with the existing range of injection molding machines. The 120-tonner is a so-called. Hybrid machine, electrically and hydraulically connected. This machine will be used mainly for precision parts for gas, water and electricity meters. The 750-ton machine is equipped with two different injection units, where in the main unit has a capacity of more than 6 kg and above is going to be used for the production of components for (water) filtration parts, made of PVC. Meanwhile Insigne has 25 injection molding machines with a range of 25 ton to 750 ton clamping force and a capacity  of more than 6000 grams.