Cleanroom (HACCP & ISO 22000)

Onze HACCP ruimte

In a fully separated and climate controlled production facility of 200m², containing 4 production units, food and medical related products are being produced according to HACCP-/ISO22000-regulations. With this production facility Insigne offers its (potential) customers extended possibilities to realize parts and components that are related to food & drugs or medical applications. Examples are packaging for spices and sauces, speculum for gynaecologic examinations, caps and spouts for dispensers and drinking devices and eye medical instruments.


The lids for the packaging of spices and sauces are product “plano” then folded, click assembled and, finally, ultrasonically welded for the purpose of temper evidence. 


Speculum for gynaecologic

  Pincet for eye surgical procedures  

Spouts for dosing systems for e.g. soaps